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Assisted Living 

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An assisted living residence or assisted living facility (ALF) is a housing facility for people  who can no longer manage their (ADL's) activities of daily living on their own.  Different from an Independent living community, these facilities offer assistance to those who may no longer be capable of cooking, may no longer be driving, or able to dress and shower on their own.  Similar, in the sense that both types of communities provide a group living environment, from personal care homes with a small number of residents to larger communities that may have over 100 or more residents, staffing ratios, and quality of care are important considerations.   

Assisted living communities offer a wide range of options, levels of care, and diversity of services and are subject to state rather than federal regulatory oversight.  Assisted living include small "board and care" or "personal care" homes and larger communities that offer a "social model" of care (compared to the medical model of a skilled nursing facility.) 

There are some assisted living communities that also offer Memory Care.  If your loved one suffers from Alzheimer's or Dementia and is combative or wandering, a stand alone Memory Care Community may be your best option.   

Call A Caring advisor today at 602-783-9342 to receive your personal recommendations for Assisted Living Communities in your area.   

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